Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company Museum

Terry Groffie

Terry passed away on December 30, 2010, but he left behind an important legacy.  Terry was known as the “unofficial” Seaside Heights historian and was a proud member of the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company.  As a grandson of longtime Mayor J. Stanley Tunney, Terry was the guardian of a priceless collection of Seaside Heights memorabilia and vintage photographs – much of which has been turned over by his family to the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company Museum.  Terry’s call to duty started when he served as a military police officer in the Army during the Vietnam and Korea Wars.  After returning to civilian life in the United States, Terry worked as a lineman for the Seaside Heights Electic Department and would later own Jack and Bill’s Bar on the Boardwalk as well as T.G. & Son Excavating.       

Terry with sons Darren Groffie and Chris Larsen.


Terry with his father Police Chief Ed Groffie.

Terry with Fire Chief Emeritus (and uncle) Dell Hopson.

Terry serving in Korea.


6 thoughts on “Terry Groffie

  1. Jasnet on said:

    Great Pics. Jack & Bill’s was the place to go for a history lesson
    about Seaside Heights with Terry. We love Terry, a great friend.
    The pictures he shared on his wall.
    The dogs sitting on at the bar tell a much greater story about his
    Life and the Life he shared with so many people. Terry is now racing
    in the streets upon Ocean Terrace.
    Go to Bruce Sprinsteen and the E Streets Band song Racing in the streets.
    Terry is close in Spirit and this is his song crusing along Ocean Terrace.

  2. janet on said:

    Please hear this song for Terry Groffie by Bruce Springsten and the E Street Band.
    “Racing in the Streets.” Terry was forever a personal friend to everyone the millions of folks that came to Jack & Bills on the Seaside Boardwalk. Now is Terry’s time to be truly Honored. Like Bruce”s song….Terry is racing on the streets of Ocean Terrace in Spirit.

  3. Janet on said:

    Do a search…. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Racing in the
    Street live concert at Hyde Park…Click on and you will realize how special Terry Groffie is and forever in Spirit will be. Think about it, the millions of people
    who enjoyed Terry at Jack & Bill’s. This song tells it all.
    It’s Terry’s Spirit in time to go racing in the street Ocean Terrace.
    (look around, the paranormal is alive and well here among all of us, when we least
    expect it, the Spirits of Loved ones appear). Believe, they are here
    with us, Shining over us.

  4. Terry loved Bruce Springsteen, his songs.
    The old Chatterbox days rock & roll.
    Go to You tube: “Further on up the road” Bruce Springsteen
    live in Dublin is a must see & hear.
    Believe, always have faith in God.
    Terry is with us everyday in Spirit at Jack & Bills.

  5. To the man who made me what I am today ! Rest in peace! You will never be forgotten for all you did ! Miss you!

  6. Joseph groffie on said:

    I think I’m related to this guy.

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